Is Arogyam a resort or a spa?
No. Arogyam is a healing centre. We serve patients suffering from various chronic ailments as well as healthy individuals looking for rejuvenation and relaxation.
Do I need to stay in the clinic during the treatments?
Some conditions can be treated with medicines alone and you need not stay in the clinic. For other more serious/chronic conditions the doctors will advise you to stay. In some conditions we will have to change the medicines on a daily basis according to clinical conditions called ‘avastha’. This is only be possible if the patient stays with us. Detoxification procedures are better managed in an inpatient setting.
How long will I need to stay for the treatments?
If you wish to undergo rejuvenation – relaxation therapies you can decide the time duration. For specific disease conditions the duration will be decided by our physician. If you want to be sure about the no. of days so as to plan your health trip, you can mail us your disease history along with scans, blood reports etc. After going through these the physician will decide the no. of days. The duration may vary from 2-4 weeks.
Can I go sightseeing during the stay?
Depending on the health condition you can go for local sightseeing.

What all stuff should I bring with me for the stay?
 You just need to bring comfortable clothing according to the season .Towels, bedsheets e.t.c. will be provided by us.
Can Ayurveda cure all the diseases?
No. No system of medicine can cure all the diseases. In some of the diseases only quality of life can be improved while in others patient might have to take medicines for the whole life. Some conditions are better treated by modern medicine.


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