0 minutes of wastage
               1 hour of yoga
               2 cup of herbal tea
               3 doshas balance
               4 small meals
               5 panchkarma
               6 AM wake up time
               7 minutes of laughter
               8 hours of sleep
               9 pm end of the day
               10 prayers of gratitude through hawan

YOGA -“true yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life”

. enhances sense of well – being
. enlivens vitality and energy
. sharpens concentration
. neutralizes stress
. reverse ageing
. assists natural weight loss
. smoothens digestion
. nourishes the soul
. increases flexibility
. increase confidence
. promotes sound sleep


Herbal Tea contains many beneficial properties that can keep a person healthy.
Most of the Herbal Tea’s health benefits are derived from its high Antioxidant content. These are called Flavonoids or Polyphenols. Herbal Tea contains the same kind of antioxidants that fresh fruits contain. Two cups of herbal tea have the same amount of antioxidants as six fresh apples.
They defend your body from dangerous free radicals and the oxidation they cause to the body cells. Free radicals are very harmful to the body and can cause cancer and other terrible health problems.

Some of the many health benefits of drinking herbal tea are:

  • Greatly strengthens the immune system
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Aids proper digestion
  • Promotes respiration
  • Possesses anti-bacterial properties
  • Helps clear up acne
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Helps in reducing weight

 Key Ingredients -

1.Peppermint- relieves abdominal pain , gas , reduces nausea.
2.Ginger- relives cold/flu symptoms , anti-histamine property , eases motion sickness
3.Chamoline- act as calming sedative , helps digestion
4.Lemon- reduces anxiety , cramps , relives headache
5.Cinnamon- lowers cholesterol , fights virus , increases antioxidants
6.Hibiscus- refreshing , lowers b.p. ,diuretic , high in vitamins
7.Dandelion- stimulates digestion , lessens hot flushes , combats formation of kidney stones

Ayurveda relates directly to the 5 elements – earth, ether, air, water & fire
There are three doshas-
Vata = earth + air
Pitta = fire + water
Kapha = earth + water

This is a very simplified approach to help you to begin to understand the nature of doshas.
There are many different variables at play when determining one’s constitution & it’s quite rare for a person to be 100% one dosha .Most of us are blend of two doshas.

“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use .when diet is correct , medicine is of no need”

We follow the above saying, once we find out your blend of doshas  then meal will be set according to your constitution of body like –
Vatta plate = must not be light, dry, crunchy, cold, raw & anything hard to digest or gas producing.
Pitta plate = must not be salty, sour & pungent avoid hot spices, fried foods, sour drinks (alcohol, coffee, soda) & refined sugars.
Kapha plate= must not be heavy, oily & cold, reduce sweet, salty & sour foods. Avoid fried foods, deserts, sweets, ice cream.


A healthy uninterrupted sleep is as important as breathing and eating. Although we live in a society where trading sleep time for getting more things done in a day is often the norm, the truth is that our brain and body require about seven to nine hours of sleep each night to stay healthy.
Sleep deprivation has negative effects on aging, immune system function, metabolism, reaction time, memory, blood pressure and our ability to focus. Insomnia can result in various health problems such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and even metabolic and digestive disorders.
Those who are chronically sleep deprived can be helped by a consistent bedtime ritual. Experts recommend:

  • Going to bed at the same time every night.
  • Getting up at the same time every morning.
  • Not eating immediately before bed.
  • Avoiding eating a heavy meal before bed.
  • Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine close to bedtime
  • Exercise early in the day, though not close to bedtime
  • Learn and practice relaxation techniques regularly
  • Don’t obsess about not sleeping
  • Take a warm bath with Epsom salts or Dead Sea Salts before bed
  • Sleep in the dark, turn off electrical sources of light
  • Sleep in a noise free environment – use a white nose machine if there is ambient noise
  • Dim computer screens and reduce light an hour before bedtime




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